Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cute or Crazy

I'm not sure if I think this outfit looks cute or kind of crazy. I would have never thought to put this combo together; I happened to be wearing the top when I bought this jacket. I tried it on in the store with no intention of wearing these together, but I looked in the mirror and I actually really liked it. This could easily be one of those outfits that I look back in a few months and say-- what was I thinking?! But I'm glad I took a little pattern-mixing leap of faith because I really love this look right now. Isn't that what style is all about? Loving what you're wearing right now, even if it might look a little crazy. 

Shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar, similar, similar)
Skort: Sheinside 
Necklace: Jeweliq.com (similar)
Bag: Steve Madden 
Sandals: Steve Madden-- on sale! 


  1. Those shoes are so adorable!


  2. I think it actually kind of works, the black ties everything together.

    Kristina does the Internets

  3. I don't think it looks crazy at all, I love it!!!

  4. Cute! This might be one of my favorite outfits on you, that jacket is amazing! It's so funny how unintentional pairings sometimes turn out to be the best.

  5. It's definitely busy...but it totally works...love that jacket!

    The Other Side of Gray