Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Cats Allowed

I hardly ever wear this dress because it's so delicate, I'm deathly afraid that something will happen to it. But I decided  to wear it to celebrate my little sister's birthday over the weekend. She's the baby of the family and I can't believe she's already thirteen!-- this makes me feel old
I got myself ready, took this lovely dress out of my closet and put it on. As I was running out the door I noticed a hole and a huge snag at the bottom-- apparently, I don't even need to wear my garments to ruin them. I'm assuming my cat got into the closet and decided this dress would be a nice place to stick her claw into. Luckily, I was able to pull the thread a little so it's not very noticeable. Needless to say-- my cat is no longer allowed in my closet. 

Jacket: American Eagle (similar, similar, similar
Bag: Steve Madden 
Sandals: Steve Madden


  1. Oh no, I cannot believe your cat got to it! It looks amazing. The top and sandals are beautiful.


  2. Oh no bad kitty!! Still looove this dress though!!

    Kristina does the Internets

  3. Love love love that dress...that stinks that the cat got to it :( Still looks so pretty on you though!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. That dress is sooo gorgeous! I love how wispy it is! My dog is the one who destroys my clothes! It never fails that she gets a claw stuck in the one tiny thread of material that will pull!

  5. That dress is beautiful! Glad you were able to save it. :)

    Style of One's Own