Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Forever21 Haul

When I was in high school Forever21 was my favorite store ever. I remember shopping there with my friends, we would spend hours in that store and end up in the fitting rooms with armfuls of clothing. Then I kind of went through a phase where I felt Forever21 was too young and I wanted higher quality clothing, basically I thought I was too good to shop there. Well recently I have been very impressed with Forever21, if you purchase the right pieces they will last you for a while. And you absolutely can't beat the prices. The following four items I purchased totaled only $57, you really can't get any better than that! 

I have been searching high and low for the perfect peplum top and I am in love with this one. The peplum doesn't flare out too much and it hits me at just the right spot. Plus the fabric is actually really thick and feels high quality. 

For some reason I love blazers on everyone and their mom but on me, I never really like the way they look. I'm not sure why that is. This blazer just like any other is super cute, but I'm not crazy about it on me. However I do love the fabric. It looks nice but it feels really light weight, which is great for the warm Florida weather. 

I am in serious love with this necklace. It's not huge so it doesn't look gaudy and it looks so much more expensive than its' $10 price tag. 

Macrame Cardigan 
Unfortunately this item is sold out. I did get it on sale for only $12. I think out of everything I ordered this will get the most use in my closet. I love the earthy-boho look especially during the summer. This cardigan will be perfect to layer over just about any outfit I will be wearing this summer. 

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