Thursday, March 21, 2013

Impromptu Outfit

One of the things that I find most difficult about blogging is naming my posts-- isn't that strange? I think my problem is that I over think it, which is actually a huge problem I've had my whole life. I over think way too much.  Ironically I feel that my best ideas come to me impromptu. 

Throughout the duration of this blog, I carefully plan out my outfits at the beginning of every week. I write a list of things I want to wear and then build an outfit for each day around those pieces. However, I've had a lot of things on my plate this week so I actually didn't have time to think about what I wanted to wear. No time to think about clothes?? Madness!

In an effort to free my mind from my usual over-think-everything-self, I am going to just wear what I feel like wearing this week without any thought. Sounds like a plan? We'll see how this little experiment works out. So far it's coming along well because I love this look, yay! 

photo credit: Alex Heflin

Shirt: Old Navy (save, spend, splurge
Blazer: Kohl's 
Jeans: Express 
Bag: White House Black Market (savesplurge)
Shoes: Tory Burch (save, spend, splurge


  1. Hi, not sure if my last comment posted. What did you find with the sizing for the pants from Express, is it true to size, size up or down? I am looking to buy them in mint and ivory. I'm 5'2" and 125 lbs, athletic build. I don't usually buy short inseams...just looking for feedback!


    1. I love the way these jeans fit! I'm about the same size as you 5'3 120 lbs and I bought these in a Size 2 which is what I normally wear in Express jeans. Hope that helps :)

    2. Thanks! Did you buy them in the regular inseam or short?

    3. I'm not sure what the inseam is... I'm going to guess regular? I don't have the jeans with me right now so I can't check the tag. They are just a tad longer than I would like, so if they are regular I would haven chosen the short (but I have super short legs).

  2. really cute outfit, the green shirt is really nice!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  3. That blouse and those jeans! You make me want to go buy and pair of off white pants, and I've been putting that off cause I already have white ones. There's just something about it though...

    1. I really love them! I know what you mean, I waited about a year until I found these. I've tried on tons of different shades of white jeans but most were too white for my liking.

  4. Hey! Just came across your blog ... and it rocks!!!! :)

    Would you be up to follow each other on our social media ?? :)


  5. that is how i dress every day, which usually ends up with clothes scattered all around the room! i love your look, and for an impromptu outfit, i would never know. you look very put together and beautiful!

  6. cute blouse! and i have trouble naming blog posts too haha!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. I love the white jeans with the dark blazer, so pretty! Love your shirt too.