Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top 10 Beauty Products

I don't have an outfit to share today, so I thought I would do a beauty post instead. I am by no means a beauty guru, that's for sure. But I've tried many different products recently. I want to share my top favorite beauty items I'm currently using. If my make up bag were to suddenly disappear these are the things that I would have to run out and purchase immediately. 

This may seem a little extreme, but half of my top 10 list is foundation type products. I know that seems a little excessive, but I swear each of these items does something different and I wear each one for different occasions:

I love this tinted moisturizer. This is what I wear on a daily basis. It gives very minimal coverage and just slightly evens out my skin tone. It gives a little bit of moister and it has SPF to protect my skin. I like wearing this because it looks and feels like I'm not wearing any make up at all.   

This is the first and only BB cream I have ever tried. I like wearing this on days where I want some extra coverage but I don't want to wear foundation. I wouldn't say this gives a full coverage by any means but on an average day, I don't have any blemishes or spots that I need to cover so this works well for me. I also like using it when I'm in cold dry weather because this is great for moisturizing. 

This is another product I just can't live without. This foundation makes my skin look flawless. I can put on a light layer of this and it gives that, my skin but better look, or I can layer it on for a more full coverage look. It gives a healthy dewy glow to the skin but it doesn't look oily. This is my go to foundation during the summer months. It's very thin and light weight so it works well in the heat and humidity. 

I highly recommend this foundation for anyone who has blemishes or spots that need to be covered up. With just a tiny dab of this I can get a very full coverage look on my entire face. While this covers the skin beautifully, it doesn't have a cakey look and it doesn't feel super thick or heavy on the skin. I can wear this during the Summer months, but I tend to reach for it more during the Winter since it's much thicker than the Channel and it provides some moister. 

While I love the four face products I listed above all for very different reasons, this is what I have worn consistently since high school. My skin tends to get a little oily especially here in Florida. No matter which foundation I use, I always take a big fluffy brush and sweep this all over my face. It adds an airbrushed look and helps keep oil and shine at bay, but it never looks cakey or powdery. If I had to choose just one face product this would definitely be it because it can be worn alone or over foundation. 

Because my skin tends to get a little oily and one of the things I'm super self conscious about are my large pores, I have always been weary about trying a highlighter. Usually highlighters accentuate large pores and shine. After hearing gazillions of rave reviews about this product I decided to finally give it a try. I am so glad I did, it's very subtle you can hardly tell I am wearing a highlighter. It gives a healthy glow to my face without looking like a disco ball. 

This is my holy grail blush. If you live nearby a Sephora or somewhere that sells NARS products I highly recommend you stop in and give this blush a try. Even if you don't pick this color I am highly impressed with the color pay off and wear time of NARS blush. The picture does not do this color justice, it gives me the perfect natural flush. I have tons of different blush colors but I reach for this one all the time.  

Just like with NARS Dolce Vita the LORAC Unzipped palette is my go to for eye shadows. I have loads of shadows from Urban Decay to MAC to drugstore brands. I usually do very neutral eyes so this palette works great for me. I bought both Urban Decay Naked palettes before I purchased this one and I'm so mad that I did. I like the Naked palettes but I love this one. 

For the longest time I just didn't even bother with eyeliner because I have really oily eyelids (sorry TMI). Within 30 minutes my eyeliner would smudge and rub off and just look like a hot mess. Then I tried MAC Fluidline and seriously guys this stuff does not budge. It took me a while to find the perfect eyeliner brush to use, after trying a few different ones my favorite to use with this product is the Sigma E05.    

I have tried loads of different mascaras and I am always looking for new ones to try because I haven't found a holy grail one like with all of the other products I listed above. But this mascara is as close as I have come to perfection. The brush is small so it's easy to use and it can get all of my lashes. I also love that I can layer it as many times as I want and it won't clump, plus it gives great length and volume. 

 If you enjoy reading and watching beauty reviews I highly suggest you follow my friend's blog Meaghan-Antoinette Shops. She gives great advice and tips on beauty products! 


  1. Great products! I love dior, they have an amazing collection.


  2. This is the only Dior product I have tried and I love it! I really want to try out some more!

  3. Great post -- I am so boring when it comes to makeup (I feel like I never really learned how to use it correctly). This is inspiring me to try new products -- thanks!

    1. Thanks! I was never really into make-up, but for some reason the last couple of years I have been kind of a junkie, always trying new things!

  4. love the post! great products, dear

    love, Yulia